VIDEO: Exclusive video clip of kidney transplantation performed by the French team in Toulouse

OPEN NETWORK got permission to attend a performance of organ transplant in France In cooperation with the best French transplant centers since, OPEN NETWORK implemented program of transplants since 2011., in which is successfully done over fifty transplantation of dialysis patients from BiH (kidney transplant), through our cadaver program, but also thought important program of kidney transplants from living donors with different or same blood ... Read More »

The Spanish model of transplantation was applied to the B&H citizens

Halil Omerovic from Mostar left “Hospital Clinic de Barcelona” just six days after kidney transplantation that he had with living donor, his wife Razija Omerovic. It was one of those transplantations where patient and donor are different blood types. All parameters show that Halil is recovering perfectly. His wife, who left hospital just two days after kidney explantation also feels great. Coordinators of OPEN NETWORK recorded today ... Read More »

BARCELONA: ‘You got the kidney, so get now on your feet’ – First meeting of the spouses after transplantation

Razija Omerovic from Mostar donated a kidney to her husband Halil Omerovic few days ago in one of the largest and most successful transplant centers in Europe – ‘Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. Transplantation of this type and with his wife as a donor is still not performed in BiH and transplantation program of OPEN NETWORK enabled to this long-term dialysis patient to live again life ... Read More »

Barcelona reads Aleksa Santic – Mostar kind of love

By information we get from our coordinator Davor Gaj, Spanish team of doctors  successfully performed one complicated explantation and kidney transplantation with spouse Razija and Halil Omerovic from Mostar. This brave lioness had courage to help her husband Halil who is athlete, and she did it in best possible way – by donating a kidney. Currently, both are in intensive unites in ... Read More »

Fabulous news from Barcelona!

This is a great thing. Incredible! When we get the hardest news from all around the world about disasters, the suffering of innocent people, kids who are four years old, at the time we brought back this mother to her twins . After coffee in Doboj, hopeless situation, silence, good friends, excellent medicine, great coordinators of OPEN NETWORK, connections, contracts, miracles, Never Give Up – the result ... Read More »

Zorica Katanic had surgery: Mom is coming back home

Zorica Katanic from Doboj had successful surgery on gynecological oncology department of the hospital in Barcelona. The surgical procedure, which lasted more than 10 hours was undertaken by two medical teams. ” The operation went much better than we and the doctors expected. The operation was long and difficult, but luckily successful. Zorica is now healthy and in front of her is short recovery. The ... Read More »

A single mother of three years old twins in the fight for life

Zorica Katanic from Doboj, single mother of three years old twins is suffering from a serious diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Through OPEN NETWORK she began treatment at the renowned clinic ‘Hospital Clinic de Barcelona’ in Barcelona, where she is under constant medical supervision on gynecological oncology department in this hospital. After first meeting when doctors reviewed her medical findings they said that situation is not optimistic, ... Read More »

BARCELONA: Another pretransplant examinatons for new users in OPEN NETWORK

These days in ‘Hospital Clinic of Barcelona ‘ we have two new families on pretransplant examinations within transplant program of OPEN NETWORK. Two new wifes, Razija Omerovic from Mostar and Enisa Karamujic from Brcko, decided to examine the possibility of being kidney donors to their husbands, Halil Omerovic and Hadzip Karamujic. They are in Barcelona accompanied by our coordinators, Davor Gaj and Almin Maslo and it ... Read More »

OPEN NETWORK: Best World and European neurologists visited Sarajevo

Last week Sarajevo and OPEN NETWORK was visited by the team of best European and world nephrologists from France and Spain. Professor Lionel Rostaing, head of nephrology-transplantology department in University clinical center of Grenoble (France) and doctor Fritz Diekman, chief of Nephrology-transplantology departments in University clinical center in Barcelona (Spain) came to Sarajevo, but this time to see new patients who are having potential ... Read More »

Doctor Diekmann in visit to Sarajevo

This morning the guest of tv show “Strike Hard” was dr. Fritz Diekmann, world renowned nephrologist in the Department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplantation in the Clinical Center of Barcelona. Doctor Diekmann is particularly specialized in field of kidney transplants from live donors. World-renowned experts are working in this department. They can daily perform even two kidney transplantations. The dialysis Clinical Center in Barcelona has per year ... Read More »

SPAIN: BRAVO for Barcelona!

In Barcelona, heart of Spain and transplantation medicine, where was created famous Spanish model, considered as a shift in the field of medicine, today was successfully completed the first transplantation of different blood types within our program. The father, Imsir Sakic (73) from Zivinice, blood grup A + donated a kidney to his daughter Hanifa Sehic (48) ,blood type B +. What is very ... Read More »

BARCELONA: Today will be done first kidney transplantation in Spain within transplant program of OPEN NETWORK

Hanifa Sehic (48) from Zivinice is having today one of the most important days in her life. Few years ago she suddenly ended on dialysis and since then her life has changed drastically. The possibility of renal transplantation in Bosnia and Herzegovina was not given to her considering that B&H does not have an active transplant program. The only solution for her ... Read More »

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