New transplantations within Program of OPEN NETWORK

This morning from Sarajevo airport we escorted to Grenoble, France two families from Transplant Program of OPEN NETWORK. Elvir Dugalićc from Sarajevo and Dragoslav Gojic from Teslic are on dialysis and they have hard time to accept the fact that they go every other day in the hospital just to survive. About possibilities of kidney transplantation in Bosnia and Herzegovina ... Read More »

Let’s help three years old Sofia because treatment in the United States is the only possible solution

Three years old Sofia Mićević from Banja Luka is suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and she urgently needs help from good people for further treatment. When Sofia had less than four months, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and she fought for her life two and a half years. In November 2016, she had bone marrow transplantation in Belgrade, and ... Read More »

Nina Pasic: “If I have not received a call from France for cadaveric transplantation, I wouldn’t be still alive”

Twenty five years old Nina Pasic from Sarajevo, faced with dialysis six years ago. After three and half years of survival on dialysis machines, thanks to people with good will and transplant program of OPEN NETWORK, she was putted on French national list for cadaveric transplant and she as very quickly transplanted in hospital Archet in Nice. Nina Pasic: “As I did ... Read More »

MEMO HALJEVAC: “Batko, you are man who makes every morning in this country beautiful!”

Sulejman Memo Haljevac, one of the most eminent painters in B&H was guest in morning show “Strike Hard”, within the project “Show your talent.” Goal of this project is to connect children with developmental disabilities. Together with representatives of the Institute for Mentally Disabled Children and Youth “Pazarić”, Sulejman Haljevac participates in the organization of this event bringing together children from ... Read More »

The program of corporate social responsibility of ON: People with big heart – for transplant of Mladen Mojevic from Rogatica was collected 10.000 KM

Auto Milovanovic company with support of their friends and business partners from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in the region, during the fairs held in Banja Luka last weekend, collected 10.000 KM for a kidney transplant of twenty years old Mladen Mojevic from Rogatica. He is a long-term dialysis patient who is part of transplantation program within ... Read More »


FAVORITE GIFT: When you find in the mailbox left just like that ❤ OPEN NETWORK child is “Strike Hard” #tenyears❤ #StrikeHard #Batko #BatkoTeam Read More »

Asim Zero returned to Sarajevo: “I’m alive, I continue with dialysis, this can’t be done in B&H”

President of OPEN NETWORK welcomed today at Sarajevo Airport 33 years old Asima Zero and coordinator of OPEN NETWORK Natasa Buljevic who returned in B&H after another successful story of saving life of dialysis patient who was left by BH system without any solution and financial support. French team of doctors at hospital ‘Pasteur’ in Nice under the Transplant program ... Read More »

ASIMA ZERO: “This is first time in my life that I see the sea”

Immediately after leaving the hospital after vascular surgery French Nephrology-transplantology center of hospital “Pasteur” in Nice, where doctors managed to establish vascular access for dialysis for 33 years old beneficiaries of transplantation program of OPEN NETWORK, Asim Zero from Sarajevo, coordinator of OPEN NETWORK Natasa BuljeviC, recorded an unusual photo of Asima and she shortly before taking photo said, “People, ... Read More »

Program of OPEN NETWORK: The happiest mother in the world

This mother that you see in the picture, two years ago did not even left her son for a moment, even while he was sleeping she kept watching over him after doctors told her that he has life-threatening brain tumor, for which doctors in B&H could not do anything. After the super successful surgery within Program of OPEN NETWORK ... Read More »

FRANCE: Drama turned into a happy and successful story

After doctors in Nice succeed to do dialysis on Asima Zero, they managed to do surgery on this 33 years old girl from Sarajevo, since early morning, with goal to establish vascular access, what was the reason why we urgently have to transport Asima to France, because after twenty years of dialysis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, using old vascular access ... Read More »


Today two teams from OPEN NETWORK flew to France and Turkey, because we had to take beneficiaries of program of OPEN NETWORK there for treatment. Dialysis patient from our transplant program, Asim Zero (33), was transported to Nice for an urgent establishment of vascular access because it was almost impossible to use old dialyses system after more than 20 years ... Read More »

ON: Asim Zero and Izudin Jasarevic

On Sunday, 19th February, ON is preparing two teams for sending our beneficiaries to treatments within our programs. Dialysis patient who is part of our Transplant program, Asim Zero (33), is going to Nice for an urgent establishment of vascular access, because old vascular access is almost impossible to use after more than 20 years on dialysis. The same day ... Read More »

STRIKE HARD: Radivoje has a dream

This morning you had possibility to watch and listen in morning show “Strike Hard”, one more story about what it is like to be on dialysis from patient within Transplant program of OPEN NETWORK. In studio in Bijeljina our host Ruzica Mrkajic had as guest 32 years old Radivoje Peric from Glavicica, who is on dialyses since he was sixteen ... Read More »

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