One of the world’s top nephrologist and head of the department OF nephrology at C.H.U. Grenoble, prof. dr. Lionel Rostang under organization of OPEN NETWORK and its President, Dr. Almir Cehajic Batko, visited Department of Nephrology, Department of Internal Diseases, University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka, where he discussed with local experts the establishment ... Read More »

OPEN NETWORK IN ACTION: FIRST pre-transplantation examinations

Sabrina Hajvaz, 9 years old girl from Tuzla, is currently in the French city, Toulouse, where she began the procedure of pre-transplant examinations for cadaver transplantation. She is there with coordinator of OPEN NETWORK, Irma Kolja and her mother Devleta. Today she had first examinations including consultations with otolaryngologist, dentist and maxillofacial surgeon, and in coming days she will have ... Read More »

VIDEO: Exclusive video clip of kidney transplantation performed by the French team in Toulouse

OPEN NETWORK got permission to attend a performance of organ transplant in France In cooperation with the best French transplant centers since, OPEN NETWORK implemented program of transplants since 2011., in which is successfully done over fifty transplantation of dialysis patients from BiH (kidney transplant), through our cadaver program, but also thought important program of kidney transplants from living donors with different or same blood ... Read More »

FRANCE: Tears of joy of another mother in Toulouse

Sabra Mehinovic (1955) from Maglaj stay these days French city of Toulouse together with OPEN NETWORK team where she had medical treatment in order to be a kidney donor to her son Mirza Mehinovic. A few minutes ago, our coordinators from Toulouse informed us that according to judgment of the French team Prof.Rostainga, Sabra is excellent donor. Coordinator of OPEN NETWORK, ... Read More »

BRAVO to Zubanovics’

Just a few minutes ago in a French hospital “Rangueil”, under the expert guidance of French doctors, with latest technology about which the Associated Press wrote a few days ago, doctors successfully completed kidney explantation and transplants, where the brave lioness, Safet Zubanovic, donated a kidney to her husband Nijaz Zubanovic, although they are different blood types. Note that the kidney ... Read More »

Toulouse: Armin Mehinbašić is recovering excellently

Armin Mehinbašić from Gracanica is 9 year old boy, for whom we received a call, 15 days ago, from the French hospital “Purpon” for cadaveric kidney transplantation. He is recovering well and soon he will return to B&H. Here in Toulouse he is staying with his mother Senida Mehinbasic and coordinator of OPEN NETWORK. Senida was the first donor of kidney in ... Read More »

TOULOUSE: Armin Mehinbasic is recovering successfully, 2-0 for life in family Mehinbasic

The boy you see in the photos below, 9 year old Armin Mehinbasic from Gracanica got last Friday from the French Hospital for Children “Purpon” in Toulouse, call for cadaveric kidney transplantation, after more than one year of waiting on the France national waiting list due transplantation program of OPEN NETWORK. When the French doctors told Armins’ mother Senida, only six hours after transplantation that everything went more then ... Read More »

Toulouse live: Cadaveric kidney transplantation of 9 years old Armin Mehinbašić from Gracanica is successfully performed

Two hours ago we returned from the intensive care unit after a successful cadaveric kidney transplantation of 9 years old Armin Mehinbašić from Gracanica. Armins’ medical parameters are steadily and in following days he is going to recover. Armin got call last night under the Transplantation program of OPEN NETWORK  from the Children’s Hospital in Toulouse after spending over a year on France national ... Read More »

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