Program of OPEN NETWORK: The happiest mother in the world

This mother that you see in the picture, two years ago did not even left her son for a moment, even while he was sleeping she kept watching over him after doctors told her that he has life-threatening brain tumor, for which doctors in B&H could not do anything. After the super successful surgery within Program of OPEN NETWORK ... Read More »


Today two teams from OPEN NETWORK flew to France and Turkey, because we had to take beneficiaries of program of OPEN NETWORK there for treatment. Dialysis patient from our transplant program, Asim Zero (33), was transported to Nice for an urgent establishment of vascular access because it was almost impossible to use old dialyses system after more than 20 years ... Read More »

ON: Asim Zero and Izudin Jasarevic

On Sunday, 19th February, ON is preparing two teams for sending our beneficiaries to treatments within our programs. Dialysis patient who is part of our Transplant program, Asim Zero (33), is going to Nice for an urgent establishment of vascular access, because old vascular access is almost impossible to use after more than 20 years on dialysis. The same day ... Read More »

STRIKE HARD: Radivoje has a dream

This morning you had possibility to watch and listen in morning show “Strike Hard”, one more story about what it is like to be on dialysis from patient within Transplant program of OPEN NETWORK. In studio in Bijeljina our host Ruzica Mrkajic had as guest 32 years old Radivoje Peric from Glavicica, who is on dialyses since he was sixteen ... Read More »

AMIR TABAK was saved because of excellent medicine and army of normal people

After 25 days spent in Munich, accompanied by coordinator of OPEN NETWORK, Irma KolJa, and after an extensive and complicated surgery where doctors removed the entire pancreatic tumor, Amir Tabak came out yeasterday through the ”lucky door” of Sarajevo airport. To remind you, last year in August, Amir was in Barcelona for medical examinations, but at that time surgery was not ... Read More »

GREAT SUCCESS OF GERMAN DOCTORS: Amir Tabak left hospital after successful surgery

After a complex surgery that lasted several hours, performed by the German team of doctor in Munich Clinical Center on 18th January, where was successfully removed the entire pancreatic cancer, Amir Tabak left hospital yesterday. According to information we got from coordinator of OPEN NETWORK, Irma Kolja, who is with Amir in Munich, Professor Werner, head of the surgical team ... Read More »

MUNICH: The first pictures of Amir after surgery

Irma Kolja, coordinator of OPEN NETWORK: “Amir’s condition is stable. All parameters are good. Doctors are satisfied with all this and now we need to wait and monitor the recovery. Amir should leave the intensive care unit tomorrow if his medical condition is stays the same. Amir feels good. Tomorrow I will let you know about his last medical report, ... Read More »

MUNICH: Surgery of Amir Tabak was successfully completed

Yesterday, in one of the prestigious clinic in Munich, Amir Tabak started his life battle. The surgical procedure lasted for 10 hours with two surgical teams. The fight for life, of Amir Tabak and the German doctors was big, extensive and life-threatening. Doctors say that the surgery was successful. President of OPEN NETWORK, dr. Almir Cehajic Batko: “The primary tumor was ... Read More »


This morning, after pause from seven days, Amir Tabak entered hospital department, and last night it was confirmed that the flu he had when he came in Munich was healed, so today they will do planned surgery. It is important to accentuate that this surgery is very complex (removal of pancreatic cancer) and that team of doctors is willing to ... Read More »

MUNICH: Surgery for Amir Tabak is delayed

Coordinator of OPEN NETWORK Irma Kolja informed us about Amir Tabak, who was supposed to have very complex surgery and to remove pancreatic cancer and metastatic all processes that have occurred. Unfortunately, he will not have surgery today in a Munich hospital. Amir was yesterday admitted to hospital and as Irma informed us, German doctors said that he literally came ... Read More »

OPEN NETWORK IN ACTION: The D day has come

Amir Tabak, 36 years old father and husband from Ilijas, went today from Sarajevo airport along with coordinator of OPEN NETWORK Irma Kolja, for treatment in Germany (Munich), where he will be hospitalized tomorrow, and the surgery will take place the next day on 11th January. We remind you that Amir was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, that he ... Read More »

OPEN NETWORK BUILDS: New houses for three families in Maglaj

The project ” Building of Bosnia and Herzegovina with heart ” was made by OPEN NETWORK BiH whose representatives yesterday in Maglaj handed over keys of new houses to families whose houses were destroyed in the floods of 2014. French company Saint Gobain had financed this part of the project for Maglaj, and houses were built within 12 days by company Steco from Bijeljina. In ... Read More »

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank B&H and Visa donated 22.000 BAM for project “Building B&H with a heart”

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank B&H and Visa company, donated 22.000 BAM to NGO OPEN NETWORK for the project “Building Bosnia and Herzegovina with heart”. For three years in row, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank B&H, in partnership with Visa, is organizing humanitarian action “Inspired by heart”, with goal to raise funds for citizens who are threatened for various reasons, health and existentially. Partner in ... Read More »

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