Fabulous news from Barcelona!

Fabulous news from Barcelona!

This is a great thing. Incredible! When we get the hardest news from all around the world about disasters, the suffering of innocent people, kids who are four years old, at the time we brought back this mother to her twins . After coffee in Doboj, hopeless situation, silence, good friends, excellent medicine, great coordinators of OPEN NETWORK, connections, contracts, miracles, Never Give Up – the result is most beautiful in the world. The mother of two children is back! Bravo to all normal people! Zorica will remain under medical control of Spanish doctor in the next period. She came back with the coordinator Nina Pasic, who also was left by medical system in B&H. ”The real return of derelict ones! ” said the president of OPEN NETWORK Dr. Almir Cehajic Batko, and added that today in the same clinic will be performed kidney transplantation of Halil Omerovic from Mostar, while at the same time in clinic in Grenoble is going to be done procedure of one of the most complicated kidney transplantations with different blood types and the patients is Amir Turkovic from Sarajevo. According to reports of coordinators Davor Gaj and Irma Kolja everything is going well till now.

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