Amir Turkovic transplanted

Amir Turkovic transplanted

Tonight in the French Clinical Center C.H.U. Grenoble was performed a kidney transplantation from a live donor, under the expert guidance of prof. dr. Lionel Rostaing, that was refused to be done by all the other centers in France and Spain. This really risky transplantation was performed by transplant team of C.H.U. Grenoble and as we find out from our coordinator everything went good and the patient and the donor feel great. Donor Adis Lelo, before transplantation passed expert committees and administrative procedures and received all necessary approvals. This was almost the last chance for Amir who had a large number of antibodies after transplantation in B&H. All medical parameters indicate that the situation is under control and Amir is recovering in the intensive unit of the hospital under the constant care of our coordinators, Irma Kolja and Admir Sabanovic, and of course the French doctors. Donor feels really great and once again our motto NEVER GIVE UP wins.

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