Community radio „OPEN NETWORK“

Community radio „OPEN NETWORK“

1. Do you know what COMMUNITY RADIO stands for actually?

The voice of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina has not been heard, or not heard loud enough. This is especially applicable to the work of organizations that support the health and socially disadvantaged families or NGOs which have no political or religious affiliations, and whose primary interest is combating corruption and increasing transparency in the public sector. In this regard, as part of the local community, local media can be one of the key factors for the development of democracy, accountable government and citizen participation at the local level.

Community radio, as a special form of democratization of communication, and as a third type of radio- next to public and commercial ones, can serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, the common view of the world and strengthen the will for change in the community and society. Given that communication is the key to successful development of the society, community radio can be a crucial communication tool that is easy to operate and maintain. Community radio emphasizes the power of civil society- the society publicly states their problems, which creates the real media pressure and encourages the solution of problems. The power of community radio is based on a public and transparent presentation of experiences, problems, suggestions and opinions, and highlights the strength and increases the capacity of civil society.


As one of the first non-profit community radios in Bosnia and Herzegovina, community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ started broadcasting in 2012 with coverage throughout the state. The holder of the non-profit community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ permit is the non- governmental organization OPEN NETWORK. Popularly known as ROM, radio posseses 9 transmitters and broadcast stations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which allows for extensive coverage. Apart from the existing frequencies, ROM can be listened via streaming link (here), as well as through programs of partner radio stations in the region. The signal of ROM has been extended from Sarajevo to Tuzla, Jablanica, Konjic, Trebinje, Mostar, Jajce, Banja Luka, Bihać and Srebrenica.

Community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ BiH, primarily, serves the interests of the bh citizens and supports the activities of civil society. Community radio program is a combination of media coverage of the non-governmental sector, publishing of the activities relevant to the fight against corruption, other public campaigns, public education and other activities that are not presented or are omitted in the media, as well as popular shows and music. As a non-profit radio station, its operation and sustainability is financed through projects and numerous humanitarian activities.

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