Strike Hard

By and large, the most watched morning program throughout BiH, the show “Strike Hard” on TV „Pink BH“, was created with a single purpose – to improve communication and to unite citizens in BiH and the region. From the very beginning of its broadcasting on the radio station “City Kameleon Sarajevo”, the show has got enormous attention from the audience and public in BiH.  The author and presenter of the show, dr Almir Čehajić Batko, has, in a short time, become a synonym for a man who has been demonstrating, in his own unique and humorous way, a variety of social, economic, cultural, etc. problems in BiH and region, and soon a synonym for a man who has used the media space that he has in order to provide support and help in the treatment of the urgent cases of the ill citizens of BiH, which the responsible government and social structures have given up on. As a proper, and above all necessary, media refreshment, the show „Strike Hard“ has been taken over by „Radio East Sarajevo“, which was the first time that in the media landscape in BiH both a radio station from FBiH and a radio station from the Republic of Srpska have been jointly heard. In the following months, the show has been taken over by the radio stations from all over BiH. Nowadays, the show „Strike Hard“ has the organized network of 54 radio stations in BiH and the region. Great importance of this media project is that television Pink BH transmits this show with its media coverage and a high percentage of viewers throughout BiH.

A dramatic turn-about in the concept of the show has emerged upon the arrival of one of the radio listeners, who came to say goodbye from the author of the mentioned show, because she has been diagnosed terminally ill and doctors have predicted her two more months to live. Life of the listener, Ljiljana Krajnc, under the code „feler“, was threatened, and she, at that time, did not see any salvation, because she did not have the necessary funds for treatment abroad (she needed liver transplant surgery). Driven by desire to give Ljiljana a chance for life, the production team of „Strike Hard“, led by Almir Čehajić Batko, has launched a charitable campaign and invited their listeners to send messages via SMS commercial number (which is, otherwise, used for contests) to save Ljiljana Krajnc’s life. This appeal has got unprecedented response from the audience, but also from the whole public in BiH. After this huge humanitarian action, the life of Ljiljana Krajnc was saved thanks to the reaction of „the ordinary people“ and listeners of the show „Strike Hard“.

After the „Ljiljana Krajnc“ case, Batko has been addressed by many other ill citizens with requests for help and their number became so great that the capacities of the radio station itself have, in terms of solving these issues, become too small. In such moment, OPEN NETWORK has been established and created, which aims were, primarily, to rescue the most urgent cases of the ill citizens of BiH, and has, today, in this sense, developed an organized system and program of activities.

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  1. Batko care, u ovoj državi mi ne živimo već se borimo, a rat oficijelno završio prije 20 god.

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