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Anniversary of the most challenging transplantation in OPEN NETWORK program: February the 1st, that wonderful day

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Even though it all seemed like a mission impossible, thanks to the application of the latest technologies in transplantation medicine, our friend, journalist and supporter of football club Željezničar, Mimo Šahinpašić, was successfully transplanted on this day, a year ago in  University clinical center Grenoble in France, through Transplant program of OPEN NETWORK, under an expert guidance of one of the world’s best nephrologists, Pr Lionel Rostaing.

In a favorite club’s jersey, instead on Grbavica stadium, Mimo performed a deciding match in Grenoble hospital. Although his heart is blue (the color of his team), his blood is red, and this is a color of a team that his donor and our friend Nedžad Nećko Omerspahić is supporter of – Sarajevo football club (Željo’s rivals).

On the 1st of February, the two of them ran out to play the game of a lifetime in University clinical center in Grenoble, organized by OPEN NETWORK, and they had won.  Although, up until now, they watched all the games from different sides of the stadium, in this match of the lifetime, they decided to stand in the center.

Nedžad is a 30-year old from Sarajevo, supporter of Sarajevo football club, who did not stay indolent to the information that one of his “rivals”, supporter of Željo football team, is fighting for his life and is in urgent need for kidney transplantation. Because of this, he decided to do something that only the greatest among us are willing to do. He decided to donate a kidney and save the life of BH journalist in the last moment, literally.

Although 12 people applied as a potential donors, physicians have established that only one of them can be an adequate donor. But, the lady who was Mimo’s last hope had medical problems which meant that she cannot be a donor.

Suddenly, when we lost all hope, a man who was completely blind a few years ago, Nedžad, showed up. As a boy he hurt his eye. He was operated, first in Bosnia&Herzegovina, and afterwards, in 2004, he had a cornea transplantation in Italy  with a help of German battalion of ESFOR. Unfortunately, although the operation was a successful one,  postoperative recovery didn’t go well, and he had an infection causing him to lose sight completely. His life was ruined.

Re-transplantation of cornea was the only solution and it finally happened on July 15th 2015, organized by OPEN NETWORK. He was operated in Zagreb. This date, as Nedžad says, is his new birthday, and he said that he decided to be a donor easily: “OPEN NETWORK saved my life, and now the moment has come for me to do the same for someone else. ”

While waiting for Mimo and Nedžad a year after the transplantation for anniversary celebration on “Virgin islands” in “Udri muški” show, Dr Almir Čehajić – Batko said: “Exactly a year ago, our colleague was dying. I can vividly remember those days. All that I had know back then is that if we do not cooperate, a press conference will be held at one of the cemeteries in Sarajevo. And we will all talk there how he was a wonderful man, just like we talked about deceased Kemal Monteno.

In continuation he added: “Our healthcare system takes actions which I can anticipate a year ahead and those actions more often then not end up tragically.” In the land of the savings, where Parliament is dysfunctional and where we have 3 presidents, to save a human life and spend an enormous amount of money on their recovery is the most difficult thing to do. Here they’re saving money however they can. That is when OPEN NETWORK jumps in, when it is needed the most, to provide an assistance in the most difficult moments in life. While working with Program beneficiaries, ON employees invest themselves, they fight for the lives of others.  It is not an easy task to organize an admittance of our patients in hospitals in Europe, and coordinate all of that. Imagine how difficult it can get. This is a goal that cannot be achieved in the country of origin, and people in ON are managing to make an arrangements in the hospitals all around the world for these patients.”

Mimo’s donor Nedžad Nećko Omerspahić had, as always, only one thing to say: “I was the happiest man in the world when they told me that the transplantation was successful and that Mimo is well.”

Mimo: “We must end this anarchy. I’m appealing to all decision-makers and physicians to stop lying to us.  You have no idea what fights we’re battling for recovery and for normal life. You have to understand that it’s not only about transplantation. I am still a patient. By the correspondence of OPEN NETWORK I am getting a drug Certican every month, and it costs 856 Euros. Who is lying to whom and why? There is money in Healthcare Insurance Fund, but they deny it.

In continuation, a part of Mimo’s and Nećko’s photo archive.


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