23 Nov
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One of the best French nephrologists, Dr Paolo Palvezzi visits BH and OPEN NETWORK

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Dr Paolo Malvezzi, a nephrologist from the French team od Pr Lionel Rostaing – who is a head of ON’s Transplantation program and whose team has successfully transplanted more than 70 BH patients, visited Sarajevo and OPEN NETWORK from 22nd to 25th of November.

This man is a true professional, always trying to find the best option for BH citizens. Radio OPEN NETWORK journalist, Vanja Šunjić, was present during the meetings with Dr Malvezzi, and here’s what it looked like from her perspective.

Patients awaiting transplantation, as well as those already transplanted within OPEN NETWORK Program, were examined of Friday. Dr Malvezzi, an expert in nephrology and transplantology  from University clinical center Grenoble. was there, as well as the OPEN NETWORK team.

It wasn’t easy seeing patients who came to see the doctor and the OPEN NETWORK team. They were looking at these people with fear and hope in their eyes. They were looking at people who are battling to save lives of our citizens in French and other clinics abroad.

Patients are frightened, exhausted and uninformed. They know nothing about living donor transplantations which can be their salvation, they do not know that the donors can be someone who is not their blood type, they do not how little is needed to return to normal life, and to wake up happy every morning. No one talks to them about that in BH dialysis centers, because every transplanted patient means one person less in dialysis center, and dialysis annually costs two to three times more than the transplantation. Therefore, it is unprofitable to perform a transplantation on a patient and have a healthy individual who can contribute to this society. Needless to say that we all want our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, neighbors to be healthy.

It is necessary to educate and inform people, explain to them that the explantation process is painless, that the cut is miniature and that the donor returns to everyday life after seven days.  During transplantation, it is important to physicians that there’s no negative effects to donor, as well as the recipient. No one needs two sick person, or one cured, and other with health issues. The goal is to have them all healthy and capable of having normal life.

But, thanks to the OPEN NETWORK team – a team that has proven that everything is possible with numerous transplantations organized abroad, a team that believes in this story and who has a will to help, the team that fights and overcomes all financial, administrative problems and malversations, these stories have a happy ending.

Everything stated above is a proof that there is a reason to fight and that there’s always hope. There are people who still care for others. We haven’t lost that basic mission – being a human. Sometimes we are unaware of how little it is needed to make someone smile, make their day, or save their life. Sometimes all it takes is a hug, or “I’m sorry” or “Thank you” to make someone happy, and sometimes you can just call humanitarian numbers 17030 and 17050 to save someones life.

The greatest changes start with small things. And do not forget to be human.


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