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Since its establishment in 2009 year, OPEN NETWORK has implemented a number of projects and humanitarian actions.

  • Project „Television Contrast“, funded by Centers for Civil Initiatives under the program Citizens Advocacy Partnership-CAPP II, in 2010 – With the realization of this project OPEN NETWORK has sought to contribute to the relaxation of the relations in BiH society, and to draw public attention to the general issues of citizens and to, in an innovative and original media manner, mark out these issues as a priority in the pre-election programs of political subjects. The general goal of the project was to enhance the participation of the constituency in elections, by encouraging them to realize the importance of their voice on elections through humorous and satiric TV series that represented the replica of the BiH society.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Project/Program – The concept, which has already been applied around the world for years – corporate social responsibility, has no single definition, but more and more organizations, companies and other interested parties around the world are becoming more aware of the need for socially responsible behavior and the benefits deriving from this. That corporate social responsibility has become an important factor in international business and behavior, proves the adoption of ISO 26000 international standard, which provides instructions and guidance on social responsibility. First of all, the goal of corporate social responsibility – CSR is to contribute to sustainable development. Many stakeholders apply this concept from philanthropic intentions, and, in this sense, corporate philanthropy is considered a special type of corporate social responsibility. In fact, this kind of running business is related to the act by which interested parties allocate their profits or resources so to, in this way, repeatedly contribute to the development of their own capacities and to society, and among other things, connect their brand to socially responsible behavior and positively influence the sale/market positioning and customer/user’s loyalty. OPEN NETWORK wants, through its corporate social responsibility program (CSR), to encourage all stakeholders (companies, corporations, organizations, agencies, and all others) to establish cooperation and create together socially beneficial actions and projects to help treat ill persons who are in the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK.

If you are interested in possible cooperation, please contact the OPEN NETWORK team every day on the following telephone number: 033/664 403 or e-mail address: info@otvorenamreza.ba

  • Community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“of BiH – As one of the first non-profit community radios in Bosnia and Herzegovina, community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ started broadcasting in 2012 with coverage throughout the state. The holder of the non-profit community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ permit is the non- governmental organization „OPEN NETWORK“. Popularly known as ROM, radio has 9 transmitters and broadcast stations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which allows for extensive coverage.
  • Two media projects:
  1. Morning show „Strike Hard“ in co-production with TV „Pink BH“ and radio „City-Sarajevo“
  2. Reality program „Brave Men“ on TV „Pink BH“
  • First joint humanitarian telephone numbers at the level of the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina- 1330 and 1350 – Unique humanitarian numbers for users of all telephone operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina: M:tel, ERONET and BH Telecom, and who, by calling these numbers, will donate two convertible marks to help the ill citizens, the beneficiaries of the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK.
  • Specialized humanitarian program of cadaver kidney transplants „Toulouse“ – In June 2011, OPEN NETWORK started implementing the project „Toulouse 2011“ (later „Toulouse“) within which the contract was signed with one of the most renowned clinics in the world – C.H.U Toulouse (France). This contract enabled the entry of a number of patients of the OPEN NETWORK program  to the national transplant program of France under the same conditions and prices for French nationals. Since the beginning of the „Toulouse“ program, OPEN NETWORK has received over 250 requests of kidney patients, most of which have undergone years of dialysis, so as to become the beneficiaries of this program. Since September 2012 to date, the twelve citizens of BiH have been successfully transplanted within the „Toulouse“ program in France.
  • „RESPECT FOR THE LAWS= ORGAN TRANSPLANTS“ project, funded by Centers for Civil Initiatives under the program Citizens Advocacy Partnership-CAPP II, in 2012 – The basic idea of this project is to animate the entity-level government to adopt the budget that will allow the implementation of the already passed laws on organ transplants, and, consequently, the performance of the organ transplants in BiH.
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