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„You stand behind us, we stand behind you!“

OPEN NETWORK is a non-profit and independent non-governmental organization established in October 2009 in Sarajevo with the registration for the entire BiH. Led by dr Almir Čehajić, popularly known as Batko, OPEN NETWORK brings together a team of young, educated, and, above all, responsible people completely dedicated to achieving the organization’s outlined goals. Since its establishment, OPEN NETWORK has positioned itself in the BH society and state as a leading factor in providing support and assistance to the ill citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the field of promotion and protection of human rights through its project department. In this respect, OPEN NETWORK has realized a number of successful projects in order to raise awareness of BH society on current social, economic, cultural, and other issues, as well as in order to actively contribute to positive changes in a variety of areas, primarily in the health sector in BiH.

Originated as a direct product of the popular radio show „Strike Hard“, OPEN NETWORK has continued to develop its media capabilities and resources, and, in this respect, nowadays presents its specialized humanitarian program, projects-related and other activities on the morning radio and television program „Strike Hard“ and „Brave Men“ on TV „Pink BH“, as well as on the „Radio OPEN NETWORK“, radio „City-Sarajevo“ and 54 radio stations in the country and region. In addition to owning the media space, OPEN NETWORK has, as a non-governmental organization, offices in BiH, that is – the main office in Sarajevo, as well as offices in Bihać and Jajce.

With its established internal organization and specific mechanisms of operating (media work, humanitarian activities, program of corporate social responsibility, common humanitarian phones, projects, etc.), OPEN NETWORK has managed to rescue over 200 lives of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which the responsible state and social structure have given up on.

In this respect, nowadays, OPEN NETWORK operates as the last resort and hope for the ill citizens of BiH, who cannot be treated in their own country and who require medical treatment abroad. By implementing the system of media presentation of the most urgent cases of the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK and through fundraising for their urgent relocation and treatment abroad, OPEN NETWORK aims to, in a transparent and accountable manner, assume the role of the government in providing the best conditions for these BiH citizens, while, at the same time, tries to influence the accountable state structures so that the legislative situation in this area be amended, modified and implemented in practice.

In addition to the health sector, within which framework OPEN NETWORK has been active since its establishment, there is a range of activities that have been implemented and are planned to be implemented within the organization. In this respect, OPEN NETWORK bases its activities through four formed sectors:

1. Specialized humanitarian program:

  • Desk research – identification and accomplishment of cooperation with appropriate clinic, provision of the best conditions for treatment (according to the equality system with the foreign nationals or to the best possible terms) to patients/beneficiaries of the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK;
  • Fundraising – media presentation of cases, that is allowing the beneficiaries of the specialized humanitarian program to address the wide audience and draw public attention to their problem in order to, thus, raise the necessary funds;
  • Coordination – relocation of patients to renowned clinics abroad, provision of accompaniment by interpreters/coordinators, transport (organization of special aircraft transport when required) and accommodation of patients/beneficiaries of the OPEN NETWORK program;
  • Tracking – organization of reception of each patient/beneficiary of the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK, creation of reports or short films on each patient/beneficiary;

2. Media sector- realization of media projects:

  • Community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ – As one of the first non-profit community radios in Bosnia and Herzegovina, community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ started broadcasting in 2012 with coverage throughout the state. The holder of the non-profit community „Radio OPEN NETWORK“ permit is the non- governmental organization OPEN NETWORK. Popularly known as ROM, radio has 9 transmitters and broadcast stations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which allows for extensive coverage.
  • Media project – show „Strike Hard“ –  The most watched morning program in BiH realized in co-production with TV „Pink BH“ and radio „City-Sarajevo“.
  • Media project – show „Brave Men“ – Reality program of OPEN NETWORK on TV „Pink BH“, show that presents the life stories of humanity of brave people, show in which people help people.

3. Project sector – Creation and implementation of projects within the organization’s program.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility Project/Program – The concept, which has already been applied around the world for years – corporate social responsibility, has no single definition, but more and more organizations, companies and other interested parties around the world are becoming more aware of the need for socially responsible behavior and the benefits deriving from this. That corporate social responsibility has become an important factor in international business and behavior, proves the adoption of ISO 26000 international standard, which provides instructions and guidance on social responsibility. First of all, the goal of corporate social responsibility – CSR is to contribute to sustainable development. Many stakeholders apply this concept from philanthropic intentions, and, in this sense, corporate philanthropy is considered a special type of corporate social responsibility. In fact, this kind of running business is related to the act by which interested parties allocate their profits or resources so to, in this way, repeatedly contribute to the development of their own capacities and to society, and among other things, connect their brand to socially responsible behavior and positively influence the sale/market positioning and customer/user’s loyalty. OPEN NETWORK wants, through its corporate social responsibility program (CSR), to encourage all stakeholders (companies, corporations, organizations, agencies, and all others) to establish cooperation and create together socially beneficial actions and projects to help treat ill persons who are in the specialized humanitarian program of OPEN NETWORK.

If you are interested in possible cooperation, please contact the OPEN NETWORK team every day on the following telephone number: 033/664 403 or e-mail address: info@otvorenamreza.ba

5. Finally, OPEN NETWORK aims to, with its innovative approach, encourage civic activism, including civil disobedience, develop the civil society spirit in BiH, promote democratic values, initiate positive changes in the country, as well as encourage the development of political dialogue and democratic political culture in BiH. The first step in the realization of these objectives, OPEN NETWORK has managed to carry out and get the permit for non-profit radio by Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has led to establishment of Community radio OPEN NETWORK, the non-profit community radio with coverage throughout the country.

OPEN NETWORK objectives:

  • Providing support and assistance in the treatment of the urgent cases of the ill citizens of BiH which responsible state and social structures have given up on;
  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society through projects that will OPEN NETWORK implement;
  • Media work focused on presenting „a simple, ordinary“ man as well as full and active participation in the decision-making processes on issues affecting their daily lives, and on, in totality, all the problems that are the reality of BH society;
  •  Media work on improving communication (between people, between citizens- government, non- governmental sector- government, citizens- non-governmental sector);
  • The realization of the shows within the project „Strike Hard“ through which will directly, in media terms, be promoted and accomplished all the objectives of OPEN NETWORK;
  • Promotion and support to decision-making processes and public policies in the health sector and other areas;
  • Undertaking other activities required in order to achieve the objectives of the organization, in accordance with the law;


We have a vision to be the leading organization in promoting and protecting human rights in bh society, and be recognized as a bridge between „a simple, ordinary“ man with a specific problem and wide audience in the country and region, which gives the opportunity to „this simple, ordinary“ man to address a large number of people.


Our mission is to demonstrate that every person is important and can do a lot, that each individual is stronger than the system when they are found in the position to fight for the health of their family or themselves, but also to, by constantly improving our own resources and capacities, in a transparent, dedicated and accountable manner, provide assistance to the ill citizens and support to the development of BH society.


We will always work the best to succeed in achieving our mission of helping the sick and needy citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

We will always give the best of ourselves to succeed in achieving agreed objectives of our associations

In our work and business, as well as in our relations with the organs of government, members of the local community , the public, donors and other partners , we will be transparent and we will act in accordance with the ethical, moral , medical , business and legal standards.

We will be personally accountable and transparent in achieving agreed objectives . In our work, we will abide by the positive laws , bylaws and regulations which are in force in BiH , as well as international standards for the non-governmental sector.

We will effectively share common work , support our colleagues and treat with respect our donors , partners and all the people we will encounter in our work. In all our activities and relationships of partnership and support, we will advocate for the strengthening of the spirit and atmosphere of cooperation in the best interest of our own and the interests of our customers.

In implementing our activities we shall cooperate with all democratically oriented individuals , organizations and institutions in BiH society , not preferring thereby any ideological , political or any other orientation . Objectivity will be the basis on which we will build the credibility of our overall program and project activities.

In our activities we will be completely independent of any outside influence and pressures. We will consistently keep our autonomy / independence and will not accept any imposition and conditions that could compromise our mission , principles and goals for which we stand.

In ours activities we will always cherish the relationship of reciprocity and mutual assistance in urgent cases of sick BiH citizens from whose lives have given up responsible government and social structure.

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