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One of the world’s top nephrologist and head of the department OF nephrology at C.H.U. Grenoble, prof. dr. Lionel Rostang under organization of OPEN NETWORK and its President, Dr. Almir Cehajic Batko, visited Department of Nephrology, Department of Internal Diseases, University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka, where he discussed with local experts the establishment of cooperation in the field of transplant medicine.
After meeting with the Head of the Clinic for Internal Medicine, Dr. Branislav Gasic, Head of the Department of Nephrology of the general internal medicine, Dr. Vlastimir Vlatkovic and members of the transplant team UCC Dr. Milorad Grujicic, professor Rostaing pointed out the importance of need for additional training of local experts in post-transplant medicine, and monitoring and surveillance of patients after transplant performed in France under Program of OPEN NETWORK.
“Under transplant program of OPEN NETWORK, launched on 2011, 60 patients from B&H was transplanted in France, including a significant number of patients from the Republic of Srpska.” said President of OPEN NETWORK, dr. Almir Cehajic Batko and he pointed out that this Program does not only involve treating patients, but also education, and exchange of experience of national experts with best of the world medicine in the field of nephrology.


“The latest world experiences and achievements that have been successfully applied to patients from Bosnia and Herzegovina, can be called ”space medicine”, said the head of the department of nephrology in UCC RS, dr. Vlastimir Vlatković. He was visibly honored with arrival of one of the world’s best nephrologists. In just one year C.H.U. Grenoble in France, transplant teams under direct guidance of prof. Rostaing, performed 150 cadaveric kidney transplant. In France they successfully performed renal transplant with living donors, with or without compatible blood types,what with existing conditions in UCC RS is practically impossible.
From the moment it began with the transplant program in 2011, UCC of Republic Srpska successfully did 23 transplant only with relatives, under the guidance and supervision of a team from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade. “Conditions that nephrology department of UCC Banja Luka will get by moving to new part of the south wing of building, could with additional training improve this area in RS”, said the president of OPEN NETWORK dr. Almir Cehajic Batko, expressing his willingness to help local nephrologists and pathologists through Program of OPEN NETWORK, (especially because of the importance and need for a kidney biopsy) so they can get additional education in France.


The enthusiasm of local doctors with UCC RS was denied by patients, representatives of the “Association of dialysis, transplants and chronic kidney patients RS”. Representatives of the Association during the meeting with prof. Rostaing and President of the OPEN NETWORK, dr. Cehajic, pointed the fact that there is no program of cadaver transplant in RS, and transplant with same or different blood types are transplant with relatives who are performed sporadically and that is still in category of “statistical error”.
“During 28 years that I have been dialyses patient, not even one doctor suggested the possibility of transplant. Although we have better conditions for dialysis care than the other B&H entity, that is all that this entity provided for us. We do not even have the status of disabled person as dialysis patients.” said President of the Association Goran Ljuboja and added that patients are forced to seek their own solutions without any support from entity or the Health Insurance of RS.


”The lack of concrete solution in this area, puts all patients who have kidney failure in position for life in dialysis centers, what is totally illogical from economic aspects and that costs a lot this country and taxpayers”, assessed professor. Rostaing, noting that France has developed a successful transplant program in order to save money.


In this country, no one except ”OPEN NETWORK”, works on educating patients and the possibility of transplants from live donors. Prof. Rostaing shares experience from France pointing out that this area is so complete, that makes donor in France called “His Majesty”. “We do not do explantation, and begin transplant procedure if there is even small doubt that this procedure could endanger the life or impairs the health of the donor,” said prof. Rostaing. He invited representatives of the Association to be a open for new ideas and to fight for their rights, and his mission will be, as he said, to unselfishly share his knowledge and experience with colleagues so that they can help us.
Prof. Lionel Rostaing, head of the Nephrology-transplantology department of the University Clinical Center in Grenoble, visited the UCC of RS, was organized by OPEN NETWORK Banja Luka, together with the President of OPEN NETWORK dr. Almir Cehajic Batko and whole team of OPEN NETWORK.

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