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Specialized program of cadaveric kidney transplants and kidney transplants from living donors „Toulouse“ by OPEN NETWORK

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BiH has the biggest trend of diseases increasing, and 80% of patients are permanently disabled for cadaveric kidney transplant due to the permanent heart damage that resulted from dialysis. There is an evident increase in the kidney diseases in BiH and the number of the dialysis patients each year increases by 15%. In this respect, OPEN NETWORK has an initiative to implement a number of activities in order to raise awareness and influence on decision-makers to reduce corruption in the health system through the creation of the prerequisites for enrollment of BiH in the „Euro-transplant“, through transparent and responsible spending of the public funds as well as through the performance of organ transplant surgeries according to the existing legal procedures in BiH. However, although according to the existing legislation in BiH (Law on transplantation of organs and tissues for the treatment of FBiH, Official Gazzette of FBiH, no: 75/09, Law on transplantation of human organs RS, Official Gazzette of RS, no: 14/9, Law on transplantation of human tissues and cells RS, Official Gazzette of RS, no: 14/14) organ transplant surgery from living and deceased donors is allowed (under certain conditions) there are still poor statistical indicators in BiH. The kidney transplant surgery is not performed in BiH, except in the rare cases where the ill person has a living donor-relative (and in these cases the percentage of performed transplants  is negligible and takes place only in the presence of doctors from abroad).

Also, due to the fact that BiH is not a member of the “Euro-transplant”, even if you raise sufficient funds for some of the European clinics, you will only have 5% chances to reach the transplant waiting lists with all the other patients from all over the world. This is a big problem and even if you have the money the chances for life are small. In the European countries that are not the members of “Euro-transplant” (Germany, Italy, France, etc.) again you have a similar problem, because BiH is not a member of the European Union and the chances of coming to the national lists are difficult (counting that you have the necessary funds).

In this regard, OPEN NETWORK has certain mechanisms within its program (administrative-technical procedures, contacts, funds, etc.) through which it establishes relationships with the respective European clinics and allocates the BiH citizens in the need of the treatment abroad. In June 2011, OPEN NETWORK started implementing the project „Toulouse 2011“ (later „Toulouse“) within which OPEN NETWORK has signed the contracts with one of the most renowned clinics in the world – C.H.U Toulouse and C.H.U. Nice (France). Specialized humanitarian program of cadaveric kidney transplant and kidney transplants from living donors „Toulouse“ by OPEN NETWORK is currently the only legal and transparent program in BiH that provides its citizens, that are dialysis patients, with the possibility of entering the national transplant program of one European country – France – under the conditions and price equal to the citizens of the respective state (beneficiaries do not have the status of foreigners). The aforementioned program of OPEN NETWORK is a program that is legal and transparent in a way that the public is informed about it and puts in it its confidence, and thus enables all of its beneficiaries to launch humanitarian actions to raise necessary funds for treatment within it in their local communities and media. Since the beginning of the „Toulouse“ program, OPEN NETWORK has received over 350 requests of kidney patients, most of which have undergone years of dialysis, so as to become the beneficiaries of this program. Since September 2012 to date, 15 citizens of BiH have been successfully transplanted within the „Toulouse“ program in France.

With this unique project in the country and the region, OPEN NETWORK wanted to, first of all, provide the best conditions for the treatment of the BH citizens abroad, and to provide a positive example in order to influence the development of the transplant medicine in BiH. Since the transplant/organ donation is a complex process that involves a variety of synchronized steps towards achieving the goals, OPEN NETWORK aspires with this multi-year project to contribute to solving this problem as a part of the NGO sector.

If you want to be more informed about the program “Toulouse” – what are the first steps you should do, and how the whole process of the program works, contact the team of OPEN NETWORK every working day from 08:00 until 16:30 on the following telephone number: 033/664 403 and schedule your meeting with us.

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