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The strength of Hajro family: Wife decided to donate a kidney to her husband

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Sanid Hajro from Sarajevo is a man who, five years ago, believed that he’s completely healthy, until his company organized medical examinations for employees, a man who decided to do these examinations just because his all other colleagues did it, a man who is a husband and father of two sons, a man who is now beneficiary of specialized humanitarian program for cadaveric transplantation and a living donor transplantation “Toulouse” led by OPEN NETWORK.

A real family drama started just five years ago, and since then Sanid has been struggling with dialysis and renal function failure. Given that kidney transplantation is the only chance for a “new life” for dialysis patients – more than 3000 of them in Bosnia & Herzegovina- Sanid also hoped that there’s a possibility for transplantation when he contacted OPEN NETWORK for help.

In October, OPEN NETWORK received a call for transplantation from Clinical center “Rangueil”, and Sanid Hajro went to Toulouse full of joy and enthusiasm, accompanied by Eldina Tinjić, ON coordinator. After his admission to hospital, his younger son and his wife headed to Toulouse accompanied by president of OPEN NETWORK dr. Almir Čehajić Batko. “We were heading on a cheerful journey, no matter the distance and long trip that we didn’t expect, but it was very pleasant travelling with Batko” – told us Sanid’s wife, Sanela, at the beginning of the conversation.  However, in Sanid’s case happened something that has only happened once more in this prestigious hospital. All dialysis patients are aware that every transplantation has a certain risk and possible complications. Still, in 1% of cases, after transplantation, happens something that happened to beneficiary of “Toulouse” program Sanid Hajro – kidney infarction. Due to the fact that his health was deteriorating, a team of French doctors, led by dr. Lionel Rostaing decided to do an explantation of donated kidney.

While Sanid was recovering from surgery, Sanid’s wife Sanela was questioned by french doctors about a possibility of being a kidney donor to her husband.

At that moment she was not only his wife and a woman fighting for her family, but she was also a woman who showed unconditional love to her husband and said – yes. “First of all, I want to thank to dr. Čehajić and OPEN NETWORK for the given hand.” Batko gave us an advice not to cry, that we have to move on, and that these events are just a continuation of the story. We are all here to help and there’s no giving up, we’re moving on!” – said Sanela.

After a conversation with Dr. Čehajić, french medical team, and psychologist, Sanid’s wife, Sanela, decided to take a brave step to help her husband – she will donate her kidney. “Seeing my husband like this is something I don’t want to experience again. Our son went on this long journey filled with joy and energy, wishing for us to be strong and help their dad to overcome everything.  When I was asked to donate a kidney, I said yes. I believe that everyone would do the same thing. Even my son said – Mom you can do it!” – said Sanela with no hesitation.

After the kidney explantation, French doctors made a conclusion that Sanid can be re-transplanted, although his wife is not the same blood type. This data actually shows that the system in France has been brought almost to perfection, but it also shows the fact that this kind of procedure can’t be implemented in Bosnia & Herzegovina for a while. “I would like to thank my wife for what she did, although she didn’t ask for my opinion and consent” – Sanid briefly joked, and then continued with his observation. “It is normal in France for friend to donate a kidney to a friend. There’s no greater help for man but to return to a normal medical state. You know, being on dialysis for 4 hours leaves you a lot of time to think about life, and moreover, people don’t have an understanding for dialysis patients”. Sanela commented Sanid’s statement, saying following: “Next year Sanid and I will be celebrating 20th marriage anniversary, and, we’re hoping, with new life and a new kidney. I would like to address to the public with the advice that if anyone has an opportunity to be a donor and save somebody else’s life, they should do so.”

There’s another tough battle awaiting Hajro family- it is necessary to raise significant funds for re-transplantation by the end of January next year: 25.000 Euros for hospital expanses, plus all the other costs that can raise up to 40.000 Euros. We’re appealing to all good willed people throughout the country to help this family and support this story of great love and respect. We believe that love will win.





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