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Unique numbers for the entire BH region, 17050 and 17030, for the children from OPEN NETWORK program in the month of February

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Dear citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, once again we need your help.

This time for four children from ON Program whose families have contacted us for help. These hopeless parents have no other possibility for their children’s treatment within the existing healthcare system in Bosnia and Herzegovina – BH physicians can do nothing for these children anymore. The treatments they need are available abroad, and cannot be funded by BH healthcare funds, because these diseases are not listed on their rule book lists.

These parents have only one hope – BH citizens and OPEN NETWORK.

In this regard, what we can do is to find the best solution for these children in EU hospitals from our Program, and we have already done that. An emergency procedures for admission and transport have been requested in France, Germany and Turkey. Physicians who can help them gave the permissions for admission of these patients in their clinical centers and all that we have to do is raise the necessary funds.

OPEN NETWORK is activating its unique humanitarian numbers 1750 and 1730 in the month of February for these kids.

By calling these numbers from all three telecom operators in BH (BH Telecom, HT Eronet and M:tel) you are donating 2 KM for:

Merjem Bašić (9 years old), from Sarajevo – she has a very rare diagnosis: Pancreatitis acuta, Cystis d. Choledochi (gall bladder cyst), and this disease requests an urgent operation that might improve Merjem’s health condition, because in contrary her life might be in danger – by the estimation of Pr Lionel Rostaing from France, who examined Merjem when he was in Sarajevo in January, if the necessary operation is not performed, this disease might endanger her liver, and if that happens, Merjem’s life would be in direct danger. Merjem is experiencing severe pain which causes frequent hospitalizations, and more often then not she misses classes, cannot sleep, and food consumption is very limited to a few simple nutritious ingredients and  consumption of Survimed liquid which replaces food. We still don’t have an exact information, but it is estimated that Merjem Bašić will need up to 40 000 Euros to cover all the hospital and out-of-hospital expanses.

Merjem Bašić: “When I started watching cartoons on Saturday, I’ve experienced severe pain in my stomach and it was beating like a heart.”

Merjem’s mother: “When your child says you should transport her to a hospital, you can only image her pain.”

Amel Fatić (12 years old), from Sarajevo – born with genetic disease condrodysplasia (bending of the knee joints), which causes difficulty in movement (he is always accompanied by his parents when going to school), needs funds for his third operation abroad. For several years now, parents have been visiting hospitals in Bosnia & Herzegovina, but no one wanted to take the responsibility and perform an operation. Amel needs 5.000 Euros for hospital and out-of-hospital expanses.

Amel Fatić: “My legs hurt, I cannot walk or sleep. I find it difficult to go to school. I cannot play with my peers.”

Iman Bašić (5 years old) and Imran Bašić (4 years old), sister and brother from Sarajevo – Imran has mononucleosis which caused numerous heath problems. The last opinion of physicians in Bosnia&Herzegovina is that he has muscular dystrophy, and his sister Iman, after having MMR vaccine, has experienced problems with speech and a number of other health complications. It is possible to perform thorough and final diagnostics, based on which it is possible to determine a suitable medical treatment for both of them. It is necessary to raise 10 000 Euros for their hospital and out-of-hospital expanses.

Editor and host of “Udri muški” show, and president of OPEN NETWORK, Dr Almir Čehajić Batko said that is is very difficult for him, as a host and an editor, to talk about these difficult life stories almost every morning, but on the other hand, this is a great opportunity  to help those in need and he is happy for being able to help: “To all of you who are able to help, I am kindly asking you to do the greatest thing in the world – return the children to their parents healthy. I am asking from all of our citizens, all the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to help. I am asking form all of the big Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks to help the little Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks.



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